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The Journal for Dentistry

Sterile instruments are prerequisite for dental procedure. Autoclave is the conventional method of sterilization. Since autoclave is cumbersome and time consuming procedure there exists a need for a new protocol and a device. This device should facilitate the clinician to accomplish the cleaning and sterilization procedure in the short span of time (5-10 min) and should be done in the dental operatory itself.

Knowledge and Efficiency of Sterilization of Endodontic Instruments in Dentistry

Sterilization of instruments is the main concern for infection control in all health care rocedures. According to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines endodontic truments (files) are classified as critical instruments.

Official Journal of the Patent Office

In view of the recent amendment made in the Patents Act, 1970 by the Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005 effective from 01st January 2005, the Official Journal of The Patent Office is required to be published under the Statute. This Journal is being published on weekly basis on every Friday covering the various proceedings on Patents as required according to the provision of Section 145 of the Patents Act 1970.

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