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Dr. Yogesh Rathod

I am using the sterilization device in my clinic and I found it extremely useful for Endodontic files, burs and many such small instruments. It saves a lot of time and efforts for sterilization. Since I have many endodontic consultations all around Nagpur and nearby cities I have to carry a bulk of files and burs along with me. I would suggest if other general practitioners also have SteriFast at their clinic, the task of cleaning and sterilization become easier, quick and efficient. SteriFast can also help in saving your money as number of files required per month would reduce to some extent as you get same files in sterile condition in just 5 min.  

Dr. Amit Jatania

Extremely innovative and novel concept of chair-side sterilization of dental instruments in just 5 minutes. Highly recommended sterilization device in every clinic and dental hospitals or colleges

Dr. Sachin Shah

SteriFast is really a novel concept of sterilizing all kind of small dental instruments. The manufacturers (Quest Dental products) have worked at par on increasing the quality of work by giving a concept to sterilize small things like matrices, wedge, implant abutments, lab analogues, etc. I feel that it is now time to shift the paradigm of sterilization in general dental practice from glass bead sterilizer (80% efficiency) to SteriFast (100% efficiency) for chair-side sterilization.


Dr. Bhakti Parekh

SteriFast is been used as the chair-side sterilization unit at OraCare since long. I found the sterilization device as very useful and efficient. Sterilization of small instruments like scaler tips is practically not possible after every use. SteriFast is the perfect solution to such problems. Cleaning and Sterilization procedure in SteriFast is so simple and quick, that the staff of OraCare understood the procedure in no time. Size of the device is so small that its accommodation was easy and did not require any special space in the clinic.


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